Stay Valuable


The internet and I grew up together. When I was a horrible teen, the internet was also screeching and cracking by way of a dial-up modem. I grew up with Altavista, Netscape, Geocities and Yahoo.

The internet grew and I grew along with it. I learned how to code and also how interactions influenced computer users. I saw value where others saw just a computer. I served the internet and its users in various positions for about a decade. And after that decade, I am very happy that you are all seeing more too.

I've had the privilege of working for clients such as Intel Corporation, TamTam (part of dept), Volkswagen, Generali, Oxxio, The dutch government, local government, Catalogtree, ArtEz, Sooqr, Frozen Rocket, and many more.

Today, I'm a design director at Sooqr two days a week and additionally I work on my own projects. I am a big believer in "stupid" side-projects. It's the best way to learn new techniques and to improve on obtained skills. One of my side-projects is Grace Supreme. A set of mixtapes on Spotify which are linked to monthly blogs (linked soon).

In my private time, I spend most of it with my wife (Meg Forsyth), my dog and my cat. I am a huge article binger, wish I could follow an audiobook, watch youtube videos and I have an unhealthy obsession with bags (in particular backpacks).

here is a picture of me


  • Web Design and Mobile Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Agile/Scrum
  • Sprint Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • WordPress
  • Kirby CMS
  • PHP