Good design is not only good looking, it's also valuable and relevant.

I'm Magalie.
A UX architect with a background in development.

UX/UI Design Strategy.

Companies retain me to manage their User Experience strategy, where we research optimization ideas and later implement those plans.

My clients range from very large companies such as Intel Corporation who asked me to help modernize an in-house application, to small local governments for whom I built and still maintain two small informative sites. I have also worked with big agencies such as TamTam (part of Dept) and smaller agencies such as Catalogtree and Frozen Rockets.

I believe in making products more valuable by staying relevant to your end consumer. My experience ranges from large projects to small projects, working in an office or remotely for clients all over the world. Read my bio.


Intel Corporation / TamTam (part of Dept) / Sumedia / Ministerie van Volksgezondheid (Dutch Government) / Gemeente Cuijk / Gemeente Arnhem / ArtEz / Frozen Rockets / Catalogtree / Werkplaats Typografie / Sooqr / Xeelas / Reasult

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  • screens at an angle

    Client: Bredenoord & Xeelas

    Year: 2018

    My roles: UX Design, UI Design, Rapid Prototyping (HTML/CSS)

    For Bredenoord's IoT prototype, I developed the foundation and interface to integrate with the hardware built by Xeelas. There was no established product or data to respond to considering this was a prototype. Consequently, I had the daunting task of starting from nothing. To form a solid foundation, I collected the most critical and useful information from both end-users and back-end developers to deliver a completely functional product for service in the field. Read more about this project


  • May 2019 - Login Screen

    2019 Login Screen
  • April 2019 - Random Design for a Checkout Screen

    Checkout Screen
  • 2018 - Suggestions for Login Screens

    Three mockups of login screens
  • 2018 - Design for a landing page

    A picture of a magazine
  • 2018 - Design a hero for an online retail store

    A picture of a magazine
  • 2019 - UI Design Test for Sooqr's Search Results Template

    A picture of a magazine
  • 2018 - UI Design and Prototype for Sooqr's Search Filters

    A picture of a work Sample
  • 2018 - UI Design and Prototype for Bredenoord's

    A picture of a magazine

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