I'm Maggie. A designer that can code.

I work on websites and applications. I design them, make prototypes in any useful way, and I test them. My main focus is UX, UI design, data analysis.

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Web Design and Mobile Design, UX Design, UI Design, Design Systems, Pattern Libraries, Agile/Scrum, Design Sprints, Rapid Prototyping, Kirby CMS, HTML/CSS, PHP.


Intel Corporation, Catalogtree, ArtEz, Gemeente Cuijk, Gemeente Arnhem, Xeelas, Frozen Rockets, TamTam (Part of Dept), Ministerie van Volksgezondheid and many more.


A collaboration with Catalogtree for two traveling architects. This project was built in Kirby CMS. We're in the final stages before going live and you can have a preview.

This is a screenshot of the website I made with catalogtree This is a screenshot of the website I made with catalogtree Preview this project


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  • screens at an angle

    Client: Bredenoord

    Year: 2018

    My roles: UX Design, UI Design, Rapid Prototyping (HTML/CSS)

    For Bredenoord’s IoT prototype, I helped with the foundation of the interface that integrated with the hardware built by Xeelas. Since this is a prototype, there was no previous product and therefore I had the daunting task of starting from nothing. I used the information from both the end-users and the back-end developers.

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  • May 2019 - Login Screen

    2019 Login Screen
  • April 2019 - Random Design for a Checkout Screen

    Checkout Screen
  • 2018 - Suggestions for Login Screens

    Three mockups of login screens
  • 2018 - Design for a landing page

    A picture of a magazine
  • 2018 - Design a hero for an online retail store

    A picture of a magazine
  • 2019 - UI Design Test for Sooqr's Search Results Template

    A picture of a magazine
  • 2018 - UI Design and Prototype for Sooqr's Search Filters

    A picture of a work Sample
  • 2018 - UI Design and Prototype for Bredenoord's

    A picture of a magazine